Beeswax Wrap


Sustainable, biodegradable, plastic-free, natural beeswax wrap with Pinniped design x 1.


Our very own beeswax wraps are sustainable and environmental, made simply from locally produced beeswax, biodegradable cotton, and just a touch of coconut oil.

Not only do they help us keep plastic out of our oceans, and out of the way of wildlife, they also don’t contain the nasty leachy chemicals that clingfilm and other plastic products do, helping us live a more natural life, free from harmful chemicals. They make a great alternative to plastic clingfilm, sandwich bags and even tin foil, and they have actually been shown to keep food fresher for longer!

Available in 2 different sizes, these are ideal for wrapping up bread or veggies, covering open containers, and packing up your kid’s packed lunches. Or let’s face it – your own packed lunch!

And the best bit? Every penny goes towards our mission to protect seals of the world. We are currently working on minimising disturbance to Grey Seals in the UK – so please pick up a wrap today and help us raise funds! Calling all seal fans!

Our wraps are designed to go on and on, and can be easily cleaned in warm, soapy water. In the event they need refreshing, simply pop them in the oven on the lowest setting for a minute or two. This will soften the wax and redistribute it, giving the wrap a whole new lease of life! When the product really has come to its end, they can be thrown in the compost and will completely biodegrade. What a wonderful product.

We don’t recommend these wraps are used with raw meat, and only cold food please.



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