Towards a bluer planet

We want to build towards a deeper understanding of our oceans and the wildlife that makes its home there by sharing incredible facts, scientific discoveries, and critical issues with everyone via outreach and media. We are committed to education of the next generation, sharing our passion for the sea and its wonders, and ensuring we are working towards protecting them for the future. Part of this is encouraging and advocating a more sustainable lifestyle, promoting recycling and mindful product choices and enabling us all to make conscious decisions to help preserve this natural habitat.

We aim for protection of endangered marine species, and to learn all we can about how we are impacting the life history of marine megafauna, particularly pinnipeds, all the while supporting a vibrant and diverse scientific community with viable employment options.

Finally we believe in mindfulness and aim to create a bluer world where humans live in tune with nature once again.


What we do


Our website provides up to date and accurate information on marine megafauna, with particular spotlight on our namesake, the pinnipeds! This can be used by school children, students, adults and researchers as a reference point, and provides information in a simple and understandable way.

We also aim to share the results of all our marine research with the wider public, to both celebrate the incredible nature that we share the planet with, and create understanding and awareness for our marine creatures and the problems that they face.


Pinniped run dedicated marine education sessions for schools, delivering immersive talks and presentations for all age groups and sharing stories from our work. These are aimed at informing young people about the natural world under the sea and inspiring them to care about conservation and take action to help. We also run talks and presentations on our current science work for adult interest groups which aim to communicate the latest knowledge on these marine animals, and advocate more sustainable life choices which will better support them in their natural habitat.

Additionally, our science work and experiences in the field are used to create short films highlighting issues facing our marine environment. These are designed to be shareable on social platforms, creating awareness alongside a sense of responsibility for preserving our blue planet for future generations.

Ocean Advocacy

Pinniped’s other goal is to advocate a responsible attitude towards the way we live our daily lives. To this end we source a variety of sustainable and natural products for our brand which help you make responsible, environmentally-friendly choices in your day to day. The profits of which go straight back into learning more about the ocean. We encourage recycling, mindfulness, and living in tune with nature.. and hope for an end to wasteful practices and the destruction of natural habitats.

Marine Research

We conduct marine research projects with the goal of better understanding the  lives and needs of marine megafauna in the world’s oceans. A heavy focus of this work is looking at human impacts on the marine environment, and searching for ways to manage and mitigate. Our findings are circulated widely at scientific conferences as well as in peer-reviewed publications, and we aim to maintain the highest standard of research. The work is enabled directly through the proceeds of our own fundraising, as well as by identifying external funding sources.


How you can help

We are a environmentally responsible Social Enterprise. This means that 100% of our profits go back into our mission to support and advocate the oceans, educate young people for the future, and fund important scientific work on marine megafauna.